Cynthia Lapp

Bound to be Broken, Bound to Love

September 10, 2017
Romans 13:8-12; Matthew 18:15-20

Here we are, two or three gathered in the Name (the name so holy that in the Jewish tradition it dare not be spoken.) We gather in the Name – of hospitality and love and peace. The Holy One promises to be here among us. Thank goodness. Thank God because there are too many places […]

Look For The Helpers

August 27, 2017
Exodus 1:8-2:10; Romans 12:1-8

In an attempt to be more gentle and hopeful in the weeks after my experience in Charlottesville, I am re-watching the BBC show Call the Midwife. The series tells the stories of nurse midwives working in the east end of London, after the destruction of World War II, just as the national health system is […]

Sin, Justice, and Grace

July 02, 2017
Romans 6:12-23

Though it has been my nickname for many years, it surprises me to be talking about sin today – “the wages of sin is death.” It is a trope among a certain segment of Christians that “no one preaches on sin these days.” In fact, this very thing popped up on my Facebook page this […]

Harvest, Healing, Hospitality

June 18, 2017
Matthew 9:35-10:15

Sometimes when I read the bible, I am inspired, moved, touched. And other times, I wonder why we are so committed to reading and re-reading this ancient text. We study the text in small pieces, disconnected from its literary context, taken out of its cultural context, and then we try to make sense of it […]

In The Clouds

May 28, 2017
Acts 1: 3-14; I Peter 4:12-14; 5:6-11

Today is a welcome change because it has been a week of clouds – and rain; it feels like we have hardly seen the blue sky at all. Which is, I suppose, liturgically appropriate since this past Thursday was Ascension Day, when the church around the world remembers that 40 days after his resurrection, Jesus […]

The Gate To Abundant Life

May 14, 2017
John 10:1-10; Psalm 23

The other week the Capital Area Anabaptists met for our monthly lunch at the MCC Washington office. At each gathering we read a scripture passage together using lectio divina. One person reads the passage aloud, while we all listen for a word or phrase that resonates; then another person reads it again as we listen […]

Living Into Hope

April 16, 2017
Matthew 28:1-10; Psalm 23

Christ is risen! (Christ is risen indeed!) It is one of those times when we have to practice saying this until we begin to believe it again. On Maundy Thursday, a day when in the Christian tradition we show humility by washing each other’s feet, our country dropped a 21,000 pound bomb, the Mother Of […]

You Once Were Blind, Now We See

March 26, 2017
John 9:1-34

Today we celebrate. We celebrate because we see.  We have not always seen. We do not always see; sometimes we are still blind. Yet we rejoice because today we see. We see the abundant gifts in Michelle Burkholder. And we get to “see” this text from the gospel of John. The writer of John weaves […]

Again And Again

March 12, 2017
Genesis 12:1-4a; John 3:1-17

There was an old man Named Michael Finnegan He had whiskers On his chin-ne-gan He shaved them off and they grew in again Poor old Michael Finnegan, Begin Again Today we have stories of two men who are asked to begin again. If you include Michael Finnegan, it’s three. At the end of the long […]

Rise And Shine

February 05, 2017
Isaiah 58:1-9; Matthew 5:13-20

When Jesus says it, it sounds so matter of fact: You are the salt of the earth. You are the light of the world. Preachers around the globe are trying to unpack these metaphors in creative new ways this very day. What does Jesus really mean when he tells his disciples they are salt and […]